Information We Collect:

Vacarious collects information from you to offer a more integrative experience from our Services, including providing ads tailored to supplement trips you have planned and trips you are planning. This information is used in accordance to Vacarious’s policies described in the section “How Your Information is Used”.

Information You Provide:
  • Registration Information:

    Vacarious requires signing in either directly through a Vacarious specific account or through a your Google or Facebook account. If you sign up for a Vacarious account, Vacarious will ask for some personal information, like your name and your email address.

    Information You Choose to Share:

    By using Vacarious’s Services, you will also be providing information from the content that you share. This includes shared images, captions for these images, descriptions of your Moments, and reviews of any Moments during your trips.

    You may also provide information to Vacarious from comments you write on other users’ Adventures and Moments.

    Information Shared about You by Other Users:

    Information about you may also be shared by other users of Vacarious’s services. This could include other users tagging you in uploaded images, mentioning you in descriptions of Moments or image captions, and tagging your location in Moments.

    Miscellaneous Information Gathered about You:

    Vacarious will also receive information based upon your actions while using Vacarious’s Services. These include:

    (1) Vacarious receives data about you:
    • (a) Whenever you search for destinations
    • (b) When you browse other users’ Adventures or Moments
    • (c) When you send or receive messages
    • (d) When you click, view, or otherwise interact with Vacarious’s Services
    • (e) When you use Vacarious’s mobile application

    (2) When you upload images, Vacarious may also receive metadata from the image, including the time, date, and location of the image.

    (3) Vacarious receives data from your computer or mobile devices when you use Vacarious’s Services. This includes your IP Address to determine your location when using the “Current Location” functionality or your GPS location if you’re using Vacarious’s Services on a mobile device.

    Public Information:

    Information that you choose to make public or information about you that is generally publicly available.

How Your Information is Used:

Vacarious uses your information to provide you with a better experience while using Vacarious’s Services. Generally, your information is used to provide you with curated Adventure suggestions based upon your interests and actions while using Vacarious’s Services. Vacarious may also use your information to provide you with more relevant advertisements with the intent of minimizing the advertisements’ intrusiveness and maximizing the advertisements’ relevance to you.

Types of Information:
  • Public:

    You provide public information when you designate Adventures or Moments as publicly available. This means that the associated images, descriptions, image captions, and location data will become available to the public in general for viewing. Additionally, your name and / or profile will become associated with the publicly shared Adventures and Moments. Lastly, searches on Vacarious or a public search engine could lead to the display of these publicly shared Adventures or Moments.


    When you categorize your Adventures or Moments as private, you will have the option of sharing those Adventures or Moments with only those that you choose to share them with. The people you choose to share the Adventures or Moments with will similarly have access to the associated images, descriptions, image captions, and location data along with your name and / or profile.

Granting Vacarious permission to use your information allows Vacarious to provide you with a better overall experience. Vacarious understands that you highly value the security and privacy of your information, thus Vacarious will only use your information if:
  • (1) Vacarious has received your permission; OR
  • (2) Vacarious has given you notice, such as the Terms of Service and Use Policies, and you have accepted those Terms.;

Vacarious may allow third party service providers access to your information in order to provide you with better services.

Deleting and Deactivating Your Account:

Vacarious provides two options for you if you choose to stop using Vacarious’s Services. You may either delete your account if you wish to have a more permanent solution or you may request that your account be deactivated.


If you request Vacarious to delete your account, your account will be permanently deleted from Vacarious. This action is permanent and should be taken only if you are sure you will not want to reactivate your account at a future date.

Some information will not be deleted even after the deletion of your account, such as posts you made on other users’ Adventures or Moments or messages sent to other users.


Deactivating your account disables your account for use but does not delete anything. You may reactivate your account at a future date and the account will be restored to the state it was in when it was deactivated.