Houston's Celebratory Lunch  /  Houston's  
by glutenberg  


Hit a good milestone for Vacarious so Jeff and I decided to celebrate a little bit with a nice lunch. We decided to go to Houston's for some French Dip and drinks. I copped out and decided to try something new this time, which was their fish sandwich. Although it was not as satisfying as the French Dip, it was still very good and if it was not being compared to the legendary Houston's French Dip, it would probably be even more praiseworthy. We helped wash down the food with a nice old fashioned.

Old Fashioned. Felt pretty standard.
$18. Gulf Coast Style Fish Sandwich. Crispy grouper, slaw and dill pickle, with a field greens salad. The slaw complimented the fried grouper well. Only problem with this sandwich was that I wasn't particularly full after eating it. It was still quite delicious.