Afternoon Feasting and Drinking in Rowland Heights  /  Taiwanese drinks at Tenju  
by glutenberg  

Taiwanese drinks at Tenju

After ingesting a month's worth of meat, broth, and curry rice, the four of us walked around the nearby shopping plazas so that we would not immediately fall into a coma. Once the food coma passed, Jean and I thought it would be a good idea to add some more calories to our diet by getting some dessert drinks. She decided to take me to one of her grad school haunts, Tenju Tea House.

Tenju Tea House is in the 99 Ranch Plaza off of Azusa and Colima. It's hidden inside the Champion Gourmet building as they share a space. We got the strawberry basil lemonade and the lychee Oolong tea to try. Both drinks were good and refreshing. If you want a stronger flavored, tart and sweet drink, definitely give the strawberry basil lemonade a shot. If you want a less pronounced and lighter drink, the lychee Oolong tea is a good fit. I'm glad I got a less sweet drink that day as I was having major food sweats from earlier.

Tenju Tea House inside of Champion Gourmet. 2 businesses sharing the same building. One sells Chinese jerkies and other dried goods (salted plums). The other is a tea bar.
Tenju Tea House
Lychee Oolong. Their new signature drink.
Champion Gourmet's section. Good for jerky if you want some candied meat.
Left: $3.95. Strawberry Basil Lemonade. Right: $4.75. Lychee Oolong. Both drinks were great. The strawberry basil lemonade wasn't too tart or sweet and had a lot of chunks of strawberries inside. The lychee oolong was a bit on the lighter side but was extremely refreshing after the meat festival from earlier. The lychee flavor wasn't too strong and didn't overpower the Oolong tea's flavor. Both drinks are worth trying.