Lunch at Pappa Rich

glutenberg by glutenberg

Lunch at Pappa Rich with Jean

Jean and I had one last lunch in the SGV area before heading back down to Irvine. We decided to make it easy by going to Pappa Rich and getting some Malaysian food but specifically the lychee soda since we had been craving it since we had a lychee soda at Sticky Rice in Grand Central Market.

Jean and I ordered a couple of lychee sodas to start. We then ordered a Roti Telur Bawang with Curry Chicken to start (although it ended up coming out last). For our main entrees we ordered the Curry Laksa and Wat Tan Hor. All of the food was excellent and hit the spot. The lychee soda was a bit bland compared to the one from Sticky Rice but still satisfied our lychee binge.

Definitely a good spot for a hearty Malaysian meal. The menu is extensive although they are missing a lot of their desserts and drinks currently. The waiter said that many of the desserts and drinks would be back in the summer, so here's to hoping for the return of the soya milk + black sesame ice cream blended drink.

PappaRich, 500 N Atlantic Blvd #116, Monterey Park, CA 91754, United States