Revolving Sushi @ Zensen Sushi in Rowland

glutenberg by glutenberg

Lunch at Zensen

Zensen is a revolving sushi chain that is pretty popular in Taiwan. Given that Taiwanese people are so picky, I figured this place would be better than the standard revolving sushi restaurants in CA. Verdict: It was ok. At $1.75 per plate, the food seemed like it would be a pretty good deal, however, a lot of the items on their menu never showed up throughout the 40 minutes or so that we were there and some items weren't listed on the menu and turned out to be pretty worthless (i.e., the fish floss sushi).

Some items looked so similar that it was difficult to tell what we were getting (tilapia belly and eel). Overall, the food was decent but didn't really stand out. We ended up spending about $30 for the meal and at that price, I would rather spend a few dollars more and eat AYCE sushi at Sake 2 Me.

The coolest part of the experience was definitely the hot water nozzle in between every two seats and the complimentary tea bags. The little drawer for chopsticks was also a nice touch. The service was very good as they constantly came by to take away the covers for the sushi. Lastly, the restaurant does not accept tip, which was appreciated.

All in all, a decent experience but the food is still standard revolving sushi quality.

Zensen Sushi Express, 1370 Fullerton Rd #105, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, United States