A Day of Art and Food in DTLA  /  Dessert at Pitchoun  
by glutenberg  

Dessert at Pitchoun

So, what's a day without some dessert. Jean and I decided to cap off our art and food day out in LA with some fattiness. We decided to visit a bakery that has long been on my bookmark list, Pitchoun Bakery.

Because we were lazy and unwilling to walk 1/2 a mile to here, we decided to drive. There's paid parking next door to the bakery, however, it was pricey and cost $10. Very pricey considering we were only there for an hour or so.

The bakery itself reminded me of a larger version of Tartine in NorCal. They laid out their croissants in all their glory right up front. The entire pastry cabinet felt like a crescendo of deliciousness with each subsequent item one-upping the last. All I know is that I wanted to eat every item but my desire not to be 290 lbs again held me back.

Jean and I opted to try a cream puff pastry and a napoleon. Jean also got a black coffee to help with the sweetness. Overall, the desserts were very tasty and the coffee was strong. Jean was a happy panda after this.

Start your salivating engines
Cream puff
Big smile for big sweets