Seoul Sausage Co. Lunch with Victor and Mike  /  Inhaling the food at Seoul Sausage Co. with Mike and Victor  
by glutenberg  

Inhaling the food at Seoul Sausage Co. with Mike and Victor

Benny's wedding rehearsal time. Itinerary: pick up Victor from SNA and drive up to LA with him and Mike during rush hour on a Friday afternoon. I thought we had left enough time to make it there without rushing, but we also needed to take Victor to try on his tux. It was a good thing we did that as his tux pants turned out to be Steve Urkel length.

Once we were done with that, it took us about 1.5 hours to get up to DTLA. Rehearsal was at 4 PM and we got there around 3:30 PM. We walked over to Seoul Sausage Co. to get some lunch since none of us had eaten yet and were pretty famished. Victor ordered the Kalbi Sausage with a side of fries. I ordered the Breakfast Sammie and Mike ordered the Kimchi Pork Bowl to share. We also ordered a Da KFC to share. We almost ordered the Pair O'Balls too but I told the guys that it would most likely be way too much, especially considering we'd have the rehearsal dinner in a couple of hours.

The Breakfast Sammie totally surprised me as to how hearty it was. I thought the sausage patty would be thin like the ones you get in McD's breakfast sandwiches but it turned out to be thicker and larger than most restaurant burger patties. It was also drenched in sausage gravy. Add to that a runny egg and 5 minutes to eat and you get a recipe for filling stuffed. This sandwich was amazing though and may be my favorite item here now.

We shared the Da KFC fried chicken wings, which are one of the better Korean wings that I've had. The honey glaze is amazing and I'm a big fan of it. The wings aren't too spicy and the sweetness definitely covers up some of that heat. Victor and Mike both liked their dishes but I'll leave it to them to one day review their food.

Overall, Seoul Sausage Co. is a great little fusion restaurant with pretty standard prices. I'd recommend it if you're in the DTLA or Sawtelle area.

Da KFC: twice fried wings, Gochujang honey, pickled daikon. $12.00. Had these in the past and had to get them again. Probably one of the best Korean fried chicken wings that I've had. The flavor is spicy but not overwhelming; most likely tempered by how sweet the wings are. Overall a great dish to share since it's actually a pretty hefty plate of wings.
Kalbi Sausage: Kalbi sausage, kimchi relish, garlic jalapeno aioli, fried shallots. $8.00. Victor's lunch. He said it was good granted we had very little time to taste anything as we had to finish most of the food within 5 minutes.
Breakfast Sammie: fennel sausage patty, aged cheddar, fried egg, smoked sausage gravy. $13.00. Not sure why I thought this sandwich would be lighter than a sausage, but boy was I wrong. This breakfast sandwich was ridiculously hearty. It was drenched in gravy, the sausage patty must have been a half of an inch thick, and the egg was beautifully runny. This definitely gave Eggslut a run for its money as being one of the best expensive breakfast sandwiches I've had. I would highly recommend trying this, especially if you like sausage.
Kimchi Pork Bowl: kimchi fried rice, spicy pork, fried egg. $11.00. Didn't get to try this but Mike ordered this for us to share. It looked spectacular though and Mike said it was tasty. Doubt he'd rank it above Junkabok or Mister Bossam though.