A Day of Art and Food in DTLA  /  Knead and Sticky Rice @ Grand Central Market  
by glutenberg  

Knead and Sticky Rice @ Grand Central Market

After a morning of art hopping, Jean and I got hungry. We drove down the street to Grand Central Market to get some lunch. We must have spent 15 minutes trying to decide between Eggslut (line way too long), DTLA Cheese (didn't have the raclette dish that I had hoped they had), and really the other 10 delicious smelling restaurants and bakeries inside.

We ultimately settled on trying Knead as it had recently opened and had a fairly short line. Their specialize in freshly made pastas and sandwiches. Jean and I decided to try the Sunday Gravy Spaghetti and Meatballs and the Porchetta Dip. Right next door was Sticky Rice and they had a drink bar in the back. We decided to try the lychee soda, which was awesome!

All of the food was amazing and we were stuffed by the end to the point that we had roll off of our stools.

Knead & Co. Pasta Bar. Short line as they just opened and Eggslut was sucking up nearly everyone into their black hole of a line.
Sticky Rice drink bar in the back of their storefront. At $5, the drinks are pricey but I haven't been able to stop craving that lychee butterfly pea craft soda for a week now.
Lychee butterfly pea craft soda. They mix it for you while you wait.
$15 for the sandwich + $2 for the "cage free egg". Porchetta Dip. It was pretty delicious but I don't know if I would pay $17 again for it. It did come with a very crispy piece of chicharron, so that was awesome. I will just chalk this up to the hipster LA tax.
$16. Sunday Gravy Spaghetti and Meatballs. This pasta was worth the $16 we paid. The meat sauce and the meatballs that were with the pasta were awesome. The pasta itself was very qq (Chinese chewiness, not crying) and tasted awesome. Overall a pretty tasty dish that at least somewhat justifies the $16 price tag.