A Morning @ Irvine Farmer's Market  /  One of the best farmer's markets I've been to  
by glutenberg  

One of the best farmer's markets I've been to

Saturday mornings are usually reserved for sleeping in, however, if there's one event that is worth waking up for, it's the Irvine Farmer's Market hosted at Mariner's Church. Most farmer's markets that I've been too are dinky and sell very few items that interest me, however, the Irvine Farmer's Market is at least double the size of any other market I've been to with a wide variety of fresh produce and foods that are worth trying.

Two huge rows of produce, food, and crafts.
Jean Luc Labat Bakery. They only bake goods for farmer's markets, catering, or some higher end hotels. We luckily nabbed a few of their pastries before a rush of people came in and cleared out what remained.
We got the almond croissant (right) and the pistachio croissant (left). The almond croissant is probably one of the best almond croissants I've had and the pistachio croissant was also really good. I think I devoured the almond croissant in a few bites.
Shanghai-La Dumplings. They had a neat backstory of a couple living in Shanghai for 6 years where they struggled to find "healthy" Shanghainese food. I'm not sure how hard they had to struggle to find healthy food as my previous stays in Shanghai have been filled with a variety of healthy foods. It's neat to hear the husband (non-Asian) speak fluently in Mandarin to his wife (Chinese). We ordered their green onion pancake wrap which consisted of a green onion pancake, eggs, cheese, their special chili sauce, and ketchup. It was surprisingly good. We also ordered their spring rolls, which were average. We wanted to get their sticky rice shaomai but they had run out.
Their homemade hot chili sauce. It was a bit on the sweet side and wasn't very spicy.
Bread Gallery. This husband and wife duo run a bakery in San Clemente of the same name. They bake mainly German breads but also bake a variety of croissants. Jean and I got the dark chocolate bread, cheese bread, and the fruit and nut rolls. They were all really delicious. She advised us to freeze the bread if we weren't going to eat it soon so that it would not go stale.
Musubi Mama
Musubi Mama sells their musubis in sets of 2, 3, or 4. We ordered a set of 3 and got the miso chicken, bbq beef, and bacon & avo. The bbq beef was sweet, juicy, and pretty tasty. The rice was firm and held together well. The miso chicken was a bit disappointing as it tasted like tuna salad. I'm not sure if maybe they just mixed up the order and gave us a spicy tuna musubi but the taste didn't meet the expectation and that ruined it. The bacon & avo musubi was awesome. Thick chunks of Canadian style bacon with slices of avocado.
Degenhardt's Deli. Forgot to take a picture of the stand but the hot italian sausage with grilled onions and some sweet mustard was amazing. The sausage was $8 but it was delicious enough that I would say it was well worth it. Just the bread itself that it came in was toasted perfectly and added an awesome crunch to every bite.